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Urgent care doctor’s flu jab plea

Urgent care doctor’s flu jab plea
29 October 2018

Flu kills around 8,000 people in England every year, which is more than eight times the annual confirmed total of measles, mumps and rubella cases combined.

Now, a leading GP has urged people with long-term conditions to protect themselves and those around them by having the free flu jab to which they are entitled.

The plea was made this week by Dr Julia Huddart, our clinical lead for urgent care. She said that the free vaccine was offered to a wide range of people at risk of falling seriously ill if they caught flu. These included people with neurological conditions or long-term breathing, heart, kidney and liver diseases.

People with diabetes and problems with their spleen were also included, along with people whose immune system was weakened.

Dr Huddart stressed: “Flu is a serious illness which we should all be playing our part to prevent, protecting both ourselves and those around us. The vaccine is up to 70 per cent effective, depending on the strains of flu circulating each year. So be a flu fighter and have the jab.

“As well as getting your jab, you can help reduce the spread of flu by regularly washing your hands, particularly after sneezing or coughing. This is really important as you can pass on flu without having any symptoms.”

She urged people with flu to stay away from work until they were fully recovered, pointing out that the virus was highly infectious and that outbreaks happened quickly.

For more information on eligibility for the free jab, click here  then search for “flu”. Qualifying patients should contact their GP practice to make an appointment or find out the dates of flu clinics.